What does being a VA mean?

There’s a lot of conflicting information and a bunch of crazy thoughts around “virtual assisting.” 

Goodness knows I’ve had them. 

I fell into this business. Like most of the best things in my life, virtual assisting came to me unexpectedly when I wasn’t really looking for it. I was kind of looking for something to do (this mama wanted her own money rolling in, it was the first time I hadn’t earned a regular paycheck since I was 14) and I needed to talk to other adults. 

Then, one morning that I had the TV on while my almost 1 year old was sitting and playing next to me. There was a segment coming on on a random morning talk show about the “top 5 jobs for stay at home moms.” They hooked me.

One was starting an Etsy shop (I tried that and sold about 4 glitter monogrammed pumpkins…. yes, you read that right, glittered, monogrammed, fake pumpkins), another was an MLM, another was tutoring, another was secret shopping and the fifth was virtual assisting.

I took a leap of faith when I heard you can work from anywhere, supporting business owners from all over, using the skills you already have. 

It is so exciting to me that we live in a time when this is even possible. So, to share even more of the good stuff about virtual assisting (so you don’t have to apply to some rando website) I compiled this list of the 21 different things virtual assisting can be for you and your family. 

Virtual assisting is:

  1. Getting to enjoy snow days and not freaking out about getting someone to watch your kids or rushing out of work when they get out early.

  2. Not shelling out an arm and a leg for daycare.

  3. Being your own boss.

  4. Working from home, in your leggings and slippers, with your pet on your lap… or going to a coffee shop and working or working first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

  5. Scheduling your kids speech therapy and being able to attend the session without taking off work or going in late.

  6. Getting paid to be on your computer, actually doing something productive, not just mindlessly scrolling.

  7. Earning enough to get to be the one paying for the big new Highlander when you find out you’re having your third baby.

  8. Being able to work from anywhere (hey poolside at the beach!) 

  9. Getting to meet some incredible humans doing great things in this world that you never would have met otherwise.

  10. Having the flexibility to be home to get your kid off the bus.

  11. Getting to operate in your zone of genius, so your client can step into their zone of genius. 

  12. A month’s worth of groceries (plus some extra). 

  13. Being able to nurse your baby on demand, getting to pump in the comfort of your own home, not having to haul heavy pumping equipment to and from work or being the one to mix up your baby’s formula. 

  14. Going to library story time on Friday, because you built it into your schedule.

  15. Learning so much more about so many different things that you never would have learned about had you kept working that job. 

  16. Limitless potential to earn and scale, and grow and evolve. This is the best business to start to gain entry into the online business world. 

  17. Creating ease for your client, yourself, and your family. 

  18. Building up your savings.

  19. Having no day be exactly the same as the last, which keeps things exciting.

  20. Getting to see and hear the sigh of relief when your client sees how you are lightening their load.

  21. Having the opportunity to use your gifts to grow your own business and support others. 

To the VAs reading this who already support clients - did I miss any? Please share what you would add to this list below! To my new and want to be VAs - did this inspire you to take action to launch your business? If so, click here to schedule a discovery call with me so we can chat about how to start your business and achieve your goals.