To Niche or Not to Niche

One of my coaching clients has an insanely amazing, super specific niche.

In our five weeks together she has gone from one client who was paying her hourly (and not nearly enough!) to three clients, paying her the rate she decided on and growing her biz to the point where she is looking to bring on support.

I have another coaching client who has a business in the beauty industry but wanted some consistent income to supplement her beauty business. Her niche is the same industry of her beauty biz and she landed her first client while we were on her third call! Like literally got the email saying she had been hired while we were on the phone together.

Those are great success stories, but do you see the common thread? These successful babes niched down to very specific niches. They were able to connect with their dream clients because they were clear on what value they could provide people in that niche.

Their marketing also spoke directly to their dream client, to the point where their dream client was wondering if they were actually speaking directly to them.

Having a super specific, focused niche builds connection, confidence, and trust.

“But what if I have no clue on what my niche should be, will I find my dream clients?!”

First - you totally will find your dream clients. Watch more about reframing your thoughts here.

Second - are you clear on how you plan on serving your clients and your packages? Clarity is key - whether it’s your niche, your dream client or your offerings, you’ve got to have clarity in at least one of those areas.

Third - do you have a secret sauce? Your joy sells! Whatever lights you up is what’s going to resonate with your people. So between your unique personality and identifying your special skills (aka your secret sauce or sass :P) your people will be drawn to you.

Finally - don’t be afraid to start without a niche! I know this whole post has been super pro-niche, but when you’re first starting out, sometimes the best thing is to just nail down what you’re really good at and make that your offering. As you work with a few clients and discover what industries you do/don’t like, you can niche down from there.

The most important part of picking your niche - don’t go changing it every five minutes. Commit to your niche. Love your niche. Embrace your niche.

Alright, I’m done saying “niche” for a bit. If you want some help figuring out what your niche might be (whoops, I said it again) or if you want to get clear on your offerings, you can schedule a discovery call with me here.