Clients Are Easy to Find

I somehow managed to lose my computer charger the other day.

Chalk it up to mom-brain or thinking about too many things at once (it's like having 8,000 tabs open at once, all the time - you know the feeling, right mama?), but I completely lost it.

Now mind you, I knew it was in the house so that limited where it might be, but I was seriously starting to freak out.

I looked in the drawers (remind me to buy no more furniture with drawers), under the sofa, in the boy's rooms, in my dresser (more drawers), I even went down to the basement and searched there, knowing full well I haven’t taken my computer and charger down there in months and knew I had last seen the missing charger on Saturday.

The pit of your stomach feeling was starting to rise - you know that feeling when you’ve lost something important and you just can’t find it and you’re flustered, you get mad at yourself and you start to panic?

Well I was in full blown panic mode. Thoughts of how much money a new charger was going to cost, how long I would have to wait at the Apple store, or if I would have to have them ship me one - and how the heck would I work with a dead laptop?

Then I stopped. And I took a deep breath and consciously chose to think the thought “My charger is here. I’m good at finding things. I will find my charger easily.” I stopped looking, grabbed a glass of water and walked into my bedroom.

And wouldn’t you know, that darn charger was lying on my bed.

I had been in that room, thrown back the covers, moved things around, but I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see it. I had to chuckle to myself that I missed it when I was in a tear and thinking “end of the world is near” thoughts.

So, what the heck does this have to do with virtual assisting?

Well one of the things I hear most is “THERE ARE NO CLIENTS.” Second thing I hear the most “I can’t find clients who want to pay me my rate.” Or I hear “Nobody wants what I’m offering.”

What’s holding you back from connecting with your dream clients, finding the clients who want to pay your rates and discovering the people who want what you are offering mostly has to do with your crappy thoughts about how you can’t find them.

These are your unconscious thoughts. They are easy thoughts that your cave person brain has come up with for you. You have the opportunity to think intentional thoughts, that actually serve you.

If you are showing up online thinking “there’s no clients for me, boo hoo!” and feeling like a big loser, then guess what result you are going to get? No clients - none, zip, zero, zilch.

But, choose the intentional thought of “My next client is looking for me right now - I can’t wait to see where we connect” or another one of my favorites “There are 10 people out there who need my support” and guess what results you’ll get?

We all suffer from these negative thoughts from time to time. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually our brains trying to be super efficient and conserve calories. The fact of the matter is you have the choice to play it easy and safe or you have the choice to be brave, choose your thoughts and show up!

The next time you are freaking out about not having clients, or when you can’t find something - take a deep breath and evaluate your thoughts. Are your thoughts serving you?

Want to learn more about how our thoughts impact our results? Or curious to learn what your VA business (fully booked with clients!) could look like? Schedule a discovery call with me, or shoot me an email at hi @ Can’t wait to connect with you!